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I'm known on Web3 as Tendenzy

I'm a multidisciplinary artist and a former construction worker who now builds with code.

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About Me.

I'm a 29 year old multidisciplinary artist who loves to know and delve into new techniques/tools to create art. From traditional to digital, what matters to me is not just the final result of the work, but the entire creative process involving it.

My career as an artist is relatively new compared to my old profession, which is completely connected to my generative works and influences it daily. Before I became an artist, I was a construction worker for more than a decade. I learned the profession by working with my father who also taught me to read blueprints. My role for the longest time and my favorite was the construction of iron structures (Steel fixer) for beams/columns/slabs (but I also worked on the other areas, from the structure to the final touches).

Before learning how to coding I worked creating art with oil paint, charcoal, and gouache. With these works I participated in some collective exhibitions in USA (New York), Portugal (Lisbon) and Brazil, and more recently I was presented by the fxhash community that voted for my first generative work 'Shapes of the civilization' to participate in the exhibition 'Unblock Gaudi. Digital Art via Blockchain' at the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt.

I started in creative coding as a way to "escape" from painting the real on oil canvases, as a hobby to create a completely different world from the world I see and portray in my paintings. I love working with all the techniques I use to create art, but having this place to breathe new air, and learning a new way to create art was truly amazing.

Most of my generative projects are inspired by architecture and my background as a construction worker. But I also like to create abstract pieces that give the viewer more freedom to interpret them, usually with a suggestive name to give the viewer a path to follow.

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